Friday, October 21, 2016


Hello all,

I have not been as productive in the poetry department lately, though I've still been writing up a storm. Please check out my new Kindle books for sale on Amazon (listed below). All of them are 99-cent Kindle singles. More singles and some novels will be on sale soon. Thanks for your support.

Matt Burns
Boston, MA.
October 21, 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Confession: part of the reason I wrote this poem was to give me an excuse to post the HEART song.

by matt burns

The Dragon in my chest
Has been asleep
For so long

Then a Tinder message comes
I send one back
And there's another

I feel the Dragon stirring
He turns over
He snorts
He smacks his lips

But the messages cease
And the Dragon's quiet again

Back to sleep,
There's not a peep.
It's good to know,
He's in there, though.

All along,
He's been in bed.
I thought
he was

Thursday, April 7, 2016


by matt burns

I've been sending this smoke into the air
I'm tired
So hungry
At the point of despair

Where's my tribe
They must be out there

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


So I haven't been doing all that much poetry lately, but, don't worry, because I've been writing more than ever. I recently completed a memoir called "The Natty Ice Diaries" and completed two other non-fiction books called "True Paranormal Stories" and "The Burnzo Papers". The former book, as you may have guessed, is a compilation of paranormal-related stories I've written over the years while the latter book is a compilation of current-events related articles/essays I've written.

I also recently started my sixth novel, a Milton-esque work of religious fiction entitled THE WOMAN AND THE DRAGON. I made a teaser video to promote it, which you can view below. In fact, I've started making teasers for all my novels. Because I'm in a good mood and I like you, I will actually post three other teasers that I made for my novels BLOWTORTURE, JOHNNY CRUISE and SUPERMARKET ZOMBIES (watch them below).

Oh, and one more thing! I have several new and fun short non-fiction stories up at my other blog. Click HERE to check them out!

Thanks for reading, I love your body and stay tuned for more news!

WOMAN AND THE DRAGON (book teaser)

BLOWTORTURE (book teaser)

JOHNNY CRUISE (book teaser)


Sunday, November 22, 2015


by matt burns

Being nice
And feeling bad
I gave it an inch
Another inch
And another inch
And for every inch I gave
The more its web enveloped me

I should have noticed the web it was weaving
But the spider
Cunning as it was
Spun it real thin
And almost invisible to the eye
Like those sticky ones you run your face into
Walking on a summer's night

It exploited my weaknesses
It smelled my compassion
So it remained charismatic
Presented itself as needing help
Brought me closer
And closer

I got too close
And foolishly stayed still
Six webs woven through the arms!
I stayed close, offering more help
Six woven through the legs!
Needy it remained
As my soul drained
Six webs around the neck!

Eventually I started feeling uneasy
There were warning signs
The red flags started subtle
And then more obvious
Soon, they were blatant
But by that time it was too late
I was once again caught
In the web of a manipulative personality

It's been crafted yet again,
Built better than a bastion.
These goddamn spiderwebs,
Force me to kill my compassion.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


NOTE: I'm a huge admirer (is 'fan' a dirty word?) of Johnny Depp. I have always loved his acting roles and him as a person aside from the acting - his love of literature, friendship with Hunter Thompson etc. This poem has more to do with Hollywood than it does with Mr. Depp. It's simply a truthful account of how I felt after attending my first Hollywood movie premiere as a bystander amongst the crowd.

by matt burns

Here I am in the middle of this crowd

Camera high above my head
My trusty third eye
Much higher than the other two
I see everything with this crazy zoom.

The crowd moves along with him

Down the steel barricades
It reminds me of a swarm of bees
Like the kind you see in a cartoon.
But I expected much worse
I envisioned a bunch of screeching boars
Sweating autograph hounds
Aggressive paparazzi.
In fact, I drank 24 ounces of Four Loco as precaution
I felt it was the only proper way to experience this
I needed desensitization
I don't do well in crowds
Let alone movie premiere crowds
Not that I've ever been in one
I'm popping my cherry tonight.
But, no, the fans seem tamer than imagined
Everyone smells nice, too
An amalgam of perfumes and colognes, lotions, shampoos
Maybe this is the Four Loco talking
The twelve-percent alcohol volume
It's possibly changed my perception of the reality
Maybe it's not as ok as it seems.

I've been glued to the viewfinder mostly
It's been the only way I can see him
I decide to take one glance away
And holy shit!
He's there
In the flesh
Maybe ten feet away from me tops
A swarm of buzzing bees in front of me, of course
But about ten feet tops.
It's surreal
Everything 'til now has been media 
But now he's 3-d reality.

He finishes signing the autographs 
Gives the fans a salute
Hugs his bodyguard in thanks
Hops into a black SUV
SUV speeds away
Crowd disburses
And I eventually disburse, too
Each street I walk becomes quieter

I buy a 24oz. beer at the store on Beacon Street

Where is everyone?
I'm the only one in the place.
I find a dark bench on the BU campus, my alma mater
It's a good place to pour the beer into my thermos
It's the same thermos I had the Four Loco in.
I get most of it into the thermos
But it's frothy as hell
Can only fit so much
I make sure nobody's close
And I drink what's left in the can.

I sip

It's dark
I'm alone
Damn, man
He seemed so cool!
I don't want to admit it
But he just seemed so cool!
Maybe I've caught the fever
The energy of adulation
Can't shake it
He just was so cool!

Seeing him tonight

Bodyguards surrounding him
Police men
The whole entourage
It was the antithesis of this dark
Going from buzzing movie premiere
To this dark emptiness
It's rattling.
I sit here
Sipping on a beer
Alone inside this empty vacuum of space
Feeling like such a nobody.

Obviously this is not true, you will say
I am a somebody
As much a somebody as him
That's cliche though
We're all full of worth, they say
You read it in every self-help book
Every motivational speaker preaches this good news
It really is true
We're all somebody
But, fuck it
Shake it off!
I'd be remiss if I denied the feelings
Maybe it's a disease I caught from the fans
Maybe Hollywood came into Boston like a demon
And totally fucked with my wiring!
That's what Hollywood's always done
Portrayed its stars to be gods
A true Black Mass perhaps it was
Celebrating idolatry
I was paddocked behind steel barriers with the herd
And there "He" was on the other side
He seemed so somebody
And I feel so nobody
My mind says not true
Remember those self-help books!
But my feelings
Right now

Saturday, September 12, 2015


by matt burns

Patriots opener
The new slogan
They keep on hammering it home
Do your job
Do your job

Can't help but think about Hannah Arendt
The banality of evil
You know,
That Nazi who was on trial after the war
They asked him how could he commit such atrocities
I was just doing my job he said

I know, I know
The Patriots meant well
What to do amidst deflate-gate?
All you can do is
Okay, I get that
But it's just being hammered home
Way too intensely
All over the news
All over Facebook
Do your job

It's not happening on a conscious level
More in the shadowy subconscious
But the more I hear the slogan
The more 
And more 
I feel I'm being re-programmed 
With a philosophy of amorality